Get a Preventive Wellness Exam or Test

Get credit for this Healthy Activity if you schedule and complete a wellness exam or preventive care test:

  • An annual routine physical exam
  • A well-woman exam
  • A preventive care test (mammogram, pap test, PSA test)
  • A colonoscopy for participants age 50 and older.

Note! A biometric screening can be part of an annual routine physical, but alone does not meet the full requirements of this Healthy Activity.

What you need to do:

  • Call your provider to schedule your appointment.
  • If you use a Cigna PPO provider, or an out-of-network provider who files claims with Cigna, no paperwork is necessary.
  • ATU members may also use a non-participating provider for this Healthy Activity, such as the VA or a mobile health screening service. If you do, you will need to:
    • Bring a PB-1 form with you and have your provider complete it.
    • Then, submit the form to the Trust Office to verify you obtained a wellness exam or test so you can get credit through the Healthy Hound Program.

Note! Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals do not count toward meeting this Healthy Activity.

ATU Members can get a day off if they receive a preventive care and biometric screening

  • ATU Members with at least one year of service are eligible (even if you are not enrolled in the medical plan) to take one sick day per year (with no waiting period) to get both a wellness exam and biometric screening.
  • If you obtain an annual physical and biometric screening in 2019 and provide a PB-1 form signed by your medical provider to the Company during the year, you may have your sick-leave waiting period reduced by one day in 2020. Details are in your ATU Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • Have your medical provider complete a PB-1 form during your wellness exam and biometric screening, then submit it to the Trust Office.

Note! This provision applies to ATU members only, but not spouses.