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Live your Healthy Hound life! Show us what being healthy means to you. Document your healthy/active lifestyle and you could be featured on our communications. Submit your photos to [email protected].

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Get Your Fitness Tracker!

If you complete a Healthy Activity by September 30, 2018, and you did not receive one in 2017, you’ll be eligible to receive a free fitness tracker. Please note: Trackers are only for employees (not spouses).

Pick a Healthy Activity by September 30 and Save up to $600

When you complete one of the following Healthy Activities by September 30, 2018, you can save $300 per enrolled individual (up to $600 per enrolled couple). Click on a circle below for more information about what you need to do.

Lose Weight

Real Weigh

Quit Tabacco

Quit Tobacco

Manage Your Chronic Condition

Manage Your
Chronic Condition

Get a Preventive Exam

Get a
Preventive Exam

Complete a Health Assessment

Complete a
Health Assessment

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Meet a Healthy Hound!

I take advantage of the Healthy Hound program to get my annual preventive exam. It’s a great benefit. It keeps me up to date on my health, plus I get the day off with pay, the doctor visit copay is waived, and I save $300 by not having to pay the surcharge. It's easy. Why wouldn't you do it?

I tell drivers I see all the time—you’re paying $300 a year just by not going to get a wellness exam? You can use that money for something else. It’s $20 out of each paycheck if you don’t do a healthy activity, but it adds up to $300 for the year.

I think some members mistakenly think that if they take advantage of Healthy Hound, the company will know their personal health information. The Healthy Hound program is to encourage you to take care of yourself and whatever test you do, it’s confidential between you and your doctor.

It’s better to be in the know about your health than to find out too late or later down the line that you have something you could have prevented.

-Pam Anderson, Driver, Cleveland