Trust Office

Please use the following information to contact the Trust Office with any questions, or use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Greyhound/ATU Health & Welfare Trust
350 N. St. Paul Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: 1-800-288-7766

Fax: 214-481-5082

Email: [email protected]

Healthy Activity Providers

There’s a Healthy Activity to help you (and your spouse) get healthier and avoid the $300 per individual surcharge.  Below are the five activities offered, and who to contact to get started—today!

Healthy Activities Provider Phone Website
Your Health First Program Cigna 855-246-1873
Preventive Wellness Exam or Test Cigna 855-246-1873

Complete a Health Assessment (2 parts to this activity):

1. Get a Biometric Screening* 

2. Take the Health Assessment


Quest Diagnostic Patient Service Center






855-246-1873, click on “Take My Health Assessment” AFTER you’ve completed your biometric screening

Real Weigh Telephone Coaching Program for Weight Management Ultimate Health Matters 866-630-6733 Email: Lisa Choate
Quit for Life—Tobacco Quitting Program Quit for Life

866-QUIT-4-LIFE or
TTY: 877-777-6534

*Please note that you can visit your provider for the biometric screening or schedule and obtain it directly through Quest Diagnostics (as shown here).

If you have any questions, call the Greyhound/ATU Trust Office at 1-800-288-7766 or use the form below to send a message.

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To submit PB-1 forms, please mail, fax or e-mail them to the Trust Office: 

Greyhound/ATU Health & Welfare Trust
350 N. St. Paul Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Fax: 214-481-5082

Email: [email protected]